Federica Zurleni        Pilates
Verner Freeson          Pilates
Jelena Djordjevic       Pilates
Theresa Roberts        Pilates
 Kate Bishop             Pilates

Verner Freeson

Verner trained as a professional ballet dancer for 9 years and graduated under the same professor as Mikhail Baryshnikov (Carrie’s lover in “Sex and the City”). To counter balance his strict, classical upbringing Verner moved to London and studied for a BA in Theatre Dance widening his horizons in all stage disciplines. During the course he also discovered pilates. Upon graduation he specialized in contemporary dance, physical theatre and received the Elizabeth West award for best young performance director and established his own physical theatre company. After graduation he began taking occasional international modelling and acting work. Besides teaching Reformer, Verner also runs a film festival called Future Meridian and is a videographer.

Theresa Roberts

Theresa Roberts was first introduced to the STOTT PILATES method in 1998 when she moved to London. After her love affair with pilates grew, this led to studying and ultimately to becoming a trained STOTT PILATES MATWORK & REFORMER instructor.  Theresa uses her fun teaching style to create a positive, motivating and supportive atmosphere in class and encourages her clients to feel both strengthened and challenged.

As a senior film executive for nearly 20 years Theresa understands the benefits of pilates to help in enduring high stress environments and long hours!

Theresa is also a trained yoga and Zumba instructor.

Jelena Djordjevic

A lifelong love and commitment for sport began early for Jelena.On locating to London she soon discovered her passion for pilates.The prima ry focus of her method is strengthening the core while developing longer leaner and more flexible muscles. She is h ighly 1notivated and particularly enjoys inspiring others to exceed their objectives. After training and quaüfication in Reformer Pilates with Balanced Body University in Sacremento, California, sbe bas undertaken further Jeaming in the specialised pilates discipl ines of Pre and Post Natal and Advanced Reformer Equipment. Tight, lean and toned muscles with improved core strength and tlexibility give a much firmer body musculature and a more re:fined figure. Emphasis on tlexibi lity, movement quality, strength, co-ordination and balance is paramount. Jelena aspires to enhance her client’s understandi ng of their own bodies and to improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Be inspired: Join her for a dynamic, fast and fun workout!

Federica Zurleni

Federica is originally from ltaly where she trained as a ballet and contemporary dancer. She moved to this country to work in theatre, TV and has been touring across Europe with various artists as a dancer, assistant choreographer and dance coach. She has been teaching Pilates for the past ten years after attending the Body Control Pilates course and since then she also attended various workshops, most recently at the Laban centre. Federica teaches groups and one to one classes across London as well as in physiotherapy centres.

Kate Bishop

Kate has over ten years experience in the Fitness industry . she is STOTT trained in Mat, reformer, Pre/post natal Pilates as well as Total Barre. Her focus is on poise and posture. Don’t be fooled by the smile – she will work you hard !

Be inspired: Join her for a dynamic, fast and fun workout!

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