Zumba is a fitness programme which gives you a calories burning cardiovascular workout in the atmosphere of a dance party, it makes your fitness goals become reality in a fun and dynamic environment.


LBT(Legs,Bums,Tums) Resistance Band class (45min) Description
Get lean, toned and strong with Resistance Band 45 minute workout,
Benefits of Resistance Band training include;

Uses the concept of linkage (teaches your body how to move as a unit rather than isolating muscles) toning muscles of the entire body
Improves strength and endurance
Enhance athleticism, flexibility, coordination, balance, mobility, stability and range of movement
Weight loss, reduce body fat levels/increase muscle
Lean and functional muscle mass
Strengthening of the entire posterior chain
Core strength
Injury prevention
Mental toughness
Improves lung capacity
The class is the combination of pure Cardio and toning exercises.
We’ll be starting with Zumba, which is a Latin inspired, easy to follow, high impact calorie-burning dance fitness programme where you can let yourself loose feeling the music and having fun.
Followed by 20/25 mins of toning exercises aimed to build lean muscle and define your body. They’re all Mat based exercises guaranteed to strengthen and condition your legs, abs, glutes and arms.

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