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Gyrokinesis Method is a movement exercise system that focus on the entire body. It stimulates the nervous system and increases range of motion and strength of the joints, particularly core, pelvic floor, back. It is based on rhythmic, flowing sequences and is an original and unique method, which blends movement, breath and mental focus.


Classes are usually in small groups lasting approximately one hour. They can be adapted so anyone including athletes, pregnant woman, the elderly and those recovering from injury can benefit.


Exercise sequences start with movements made in the seated position on a stool or a chair. The focus is on the basic movement of the spine and then the rest of the body is gently integrated. Sequences are also later made on the floor and standing so as to challenge the balance.


After a Gyrokinesis class, the main effect is a heightened feeling of body postural control and awareness alongside feeling more balanced and rejuvenated.


Teacher: Angelo Zanfardino

Time: Saturday 2.45pm