Gianni Trivedi

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I have been doing Pilates for nearly 10 years and qualified to teach in July 2013. Coming from a rehabilitative background from Spinal Surgery and not from the most common of Performing Arts I have used Pilates to strengthen, protect the well being of my body and spine. Pilates is not just for people with injuries or conditions but for anyone who wants to maintain the best optimal level for their body.

The well being of my clients is essential for their health and safety, I can digress exercises and progress them, I can give alternatives if a client has an injury or in unable to perform an exercise. Possessing knowledge is not all what it takes to be an instructor it is also how you convey yourself that people understand you and feel relaxed so being an effective communicator is essential as well as, so personality is pivotal. I am confident, innovated, approachable, dedicated, influential, fun, patient, committed and motivated which makes my classes very good so people will return and influence others to join.

My vision is to strive further and allow the body to do things that you thought were not attainable in the safest possible way. To make the individual realize the long term effects of Pilates and it can prevent injury and in cases surgery. My classes are dynamic in range and movement and I will encourage you to do your best. People usually say to me, Gianni, your class is tough but good. All my Pilates exercises are based on the Principles of Pilates because no matter what level you are you will always revert back to the Principles.


I am happy to have members who are pregnant or post natal in the classes I teach. Please just let me know at the beginning of the class.



Monday: Pilates Bites:12:45pm -1.30pm

Wednesday: Pilates Bites:12:45pm -1.30pm